Solutions For Everyone

This training has reduced frustration associated with miscommunication and mishandling, and heightened focus on team missions.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

Helps people gain enhanced self-awareness for greater self-management, leading to an appreciation of individual differences and a more constructive approach to team work. Participants learn to leverage natural strengths and develop improved working relationships to work more effectively toward common goals.

Understanding the Generational Differences

Builds on good teamwork skills by understanding the generational similarities and differences that make up the team. Participants learn how to leverage and get more out of their skills, knowledge, ability and experience through fun and interactive applications and discussion.

Conducting Effective Meetings

Focuses on the basic guidelines and skills for planning and facilitating effective meetings. Participants learn about the various types of meetings, the steps to take before, during and after the meeting, and the “how-to’s” of conducting effective meetings from agenda, prep, delivery, participation, follow through and assessment.

Dynamic Communication Skills

Provides participants the tools to navigate in the virtual environment of today’s modern workplace through new or improved methods of communication. The workshop focuses on approaches for conducting meetings by providing guidelines around structure and facilitation to ensure effective meeting management. Participants walk away with actionable ideas, tips, and tools for keeping the lines of communication open to boost performance and productivity.

The Service Connection

Lays the foundation of good customer service attributes and skills to meet customer expectations and service standards. Participants learn to identify and develop interpersonal skills to enhance their effectiveness in their interactions with both internal and external customer needs and concerns.

Tackling a Complex Topic or Situation

Facilitates dialogue for groups to collectively explore a complex topic from a variety of perspectives, building a shared understanding in preparation for making choices and taking action. Using a platform that embraces both verbal analytical thinking and non-verbal intuitive styles of thought, participants create imaging to identify important insights to gain buy-in and momentum to move forward (establishing a vision, reaching a decision, assigning critical tasks, and so on). Topics can include organizational climate, key challenges, customer service, creativity and client needs, as well as the unexpected.

Other training solution workshops are available upon request. All workshops can be customized to meet client interests and needs including timeframes and packaging of any workshops listed.