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This training has reduced frustration associated with miscommunication and mishandling, and heightened focus on team missions.

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Improving Your Self-Awareness for Better Self-Management

Excellent results require excellent relationships. And decades of research now point to personal development as the critical factor that sets star performers apart from the rest of the pack. Every team faces challenging questions on the group level. There are also many factors on the individual level that relate to focus, drive and motivation. So how does a leader learn to recognize and manage these variables? The self-awareness tool used in this workshop provide a framework that answers these and other questions. Participants gain enhanced self-awareness for greater self-management, leading to an appreciation of individual differences and a more constructive approach to teamwork, as well as how to leverage natural strengths and develop improved working relations to work more effectively toward common goals.

Leveraging the Generational Differences

Today’s leaders are faced with leading team members from 5 different generational perspectives, drivers and needs. Being able to leverage this understanding can help today’s leaders build collaborative and thriving high performing teams. This workshop builds on good teamwork skills by understanding the generational similarities and differences that make up the team. Participants learn how to leverage and get more out of their skills, knowledge, ability and experience through fun and interactive applications and discussion.

The Service Connection

Lays the foundation of good customer service attributes and skills to meet customer expectations and service standards. Participants learn to identify and develop interpersonal skills to enhance their effectiveness in their interactions with both internal and external customer needs and concerns.

Tackling a Complex Topic or Situation — A Process for Appreciative Inquiry

Facilitates dialogue for groups to collectively explore a complex topic from a variety of perspectives, building a shared understanding in preparation for making choices and taking action. Using a platform that embraces both verbal analytical thinking and non-verbal intuitive styles of thought, participants create imaging to identify important insights to gain buy-in and momentum to move forward (establishing a vision, reaching a decision, assigning critical tasks, and so on). Topics can include organizational climate, key challenges, customer service, creativity and client needs, as well as the unexpected.

Other training solution workshops are available upon request. All workshops can be customized to meet client interests and needs including timeframes and packaging of any workshops listed.