Developing High Performing Teams

This full-day workshop provides the knowledge and understanding of working in a team environment including the important group dynamics of effective listening and trust. Participants learn how to harness the right paths through understanding the stages of team growth to keep focused on effective end results. Targeted audience includes intact or interdepartmental team members who collaborate on goals to move the team forward.

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Identify the value of a team vs. individual approach
  • Describe and interpret theories of team development
    • Group phases – stages of teams in their predictable development
    • Group decision making – various options and outcomes
  • Assess how Type/Temperament can support building effective teams [If prior workshop completion of the MBTI and Temperaments; otherwise this piece is removed]
    • The benefits and contributions of each of the preferences and temperaments
    • The value of collaboration for optimal team results
  • Recognize the impact of trust and teamwork
    • Define behaviors that build and destroy trust
  • Identify to move forward
    • Team pointers for effective team participation