EQ and Teamwork

This full-day workshop builds upon self-management and teamwork fundamentals through the introduction to the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) model. EQ is recognized as essential to successful team and individual performance. Participants learn and explore—through discussion and customized experiential exercises—the components of the EQ emotional intelligence model and how it can assist and increase teamwork effectiveness. Targeted audience includes intact or interdepartmental team members who collaborate on goals to move the team forward. 

Learning Objectives Include: 

  • Build upon teamwork skills through the lens of Emotional Intelligence
  • Understand the sixteen elements of emotional well-being that each contributes to interpersonal success, effectiveness in coping with environmental demands and overall happiness
  • Build discussions and identify actions that can bolster emotional intelligence to increase teamwork effectiveness
  • Apply this model and vocabulary that builds on self-awareness for potential strengths and growth opportunities