Understanding Styles to Enhance Teamwork

This half-day workshop uses the Temperaments behavioral model to explore team effectiveness.  Participants gain the important understanding of the four temperaments for better awareness and interaction with others to maximize their team work collaboration and impact. Targeted audience includes intact or interdepartmental team members who collaborate on goals to move the team forward.

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Gain self-awareness for greater self-management through the introduction to the Temperaments – a configuration of observable personality traits such as:
    • Habits of communication;
    • Patterns of action; and
    • Sets of characteristic attitudes, values, and talents.
  • Identify similarities / differences and how they influence both work and personal relationships through:
    • Communication and action;
    • Words and deeds; or simply,
    • What we say and what we do
  • Gain an understanding of yourself, co-workers and leaders to work more effectively toward common goals.