Solutions For Leaders

Most people are not difficult, they are just different and this understanding helped in my leadership and teamwork.

Fundamentals of Leadership

For the new leader, lays the foundation and principles of effective leadership which incorporate the organization’s mission and values. Participants gain insight into their leadership styles and how best to utilize their leadership skills and competencies when leading individuals and teams.

Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Builds on leadership skills through the introduction to the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) model. Today, EQ is recognized as essential to successful leadership, team and individual performance. Participants learn and explore—through discussion and customized experiential exercises—the components of the EQ emotional intelligence model and how it can assist and increase leadership effectiveness.

Defining the EQ Atmosphere

Helps leaders understand the needs and expectations of the leadership team through defining the EQ Atmosphere of the group. The workshop includes a hands-on activity for groups to explore their unique culture in EQ terms. This promotes an understanding about collective group values promoting a “same page” platform. The program incorporates discussions around the importance of a high-trust collaborative culture that focuses on the building blocks of credibility and individual contributions that advances the leadership team goals.

The Temperaments and Leadership

Uses the Temperaments behavioral model. This model is a configuration of observable personality traits, such as habits of communication, patterns of action, and sets of characteristic attitudes, values and talents. Participants gain the important understanding of the four temperaments for better awareness and interaction with others to maximize their leadership style.

Horse Sense For Leaders

This powerful training program focuses on the fundamental interpersonal skills and practices necessary to establish relationships based on honest conversation, mutual trust, dignity and respect. By observing this dynamic interaction between a horse and a cowboy, participants gain tremendous insight into improving the quality of interpersonal relationships which are so critical for effective leadership. Each participant gains new perspectives on a variety of leadership topics including focusing on and improving listening skills, facilitating change, how to initiate and continue honest, respectful conversations, as well as a leader’s responsibility to self-reflect and consider their own skillsets such as setting expectations and clear communication skills with others. Modern day handlers of horses share common principles and utilize similar methods in working with horses that equally apply to our relationship with others. The learning that participants take away from this powerful and dynamic program will stay with them for a long time.

Other training solution workshops are available upon request. All workshops can be customized to meet client interests and needs including timeframes and packaging of any workshops listed.