Developing Today's Leaders

This 2-day workshop for the new leader lays the foundation and principles of effective leadership which incorporate the organization’s mission and values. Participants gain insight into their leadership styles and how best to utilize their leadership skills and competencies when leading individuals and teams. Targeted audience includes promoted or newly hired leaders throughout the organization.

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Define Leadership
    • The macro view – “best practices”
    • The micro view – organizational competencies/attributes of leaders
    • Reasons for not succeeding
  • Administer Leadership Tools
    • Stocking the “tool kit”
    • Impact on feedback, decision making, involvement, trust and teamwork
  • Understand The Leader Within Using MBTI/Temperament Models
    • Your leadership style and how to use it effectively
  • Demonstrate The Use Of Effective Coaching Models And Prepare For An
    Effective Coaching Session

    • When, how, and why and a model to “turn the agenda around”
    • Documentation tools
  • Understand Your Leadership Role In Coaching The Team
    • Group phases – stages of teams in their predictable development
    • When and how to step in