Horse Sense For Leaders

“The curious spectators, frontline managers who have come to the ranch for an unusual management training seminar, drink in Wood’s words. They will leave for home sunburned and enlightened, believing what they’ve seen might help them become better bosses. Maybe even better parents.”
The Washington Post, May 20, 2002

This powerful training program focuses on the fundamental interpersonal skills and practices necessary to establish relationships based on mutual trust and respect. People will benefit from this unique program if they seek better ways to:

  • Effectively communicate needs and expectations
  • Establish a shared understanding of goals and priorities
  • Gain commitment and increase motivation
  • Build trust and gain respect
  • Develop meaningful partnerships with employees, colleagues and customers
  • Manage change

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Describe the practices critical to the development of productive relationships with colleagues, employees, citizens, customers and others
  • Articulate the expectations and responsibilities associated with teamwork and collaboration
  • Build consensual relationships and partner with others to achieve goals
  • Inspire, motivate, and guide others toward performance
  • Articulate the significance of holding self and others accountable for needed contributions
  • Understand and apply a model for motivating others to become willing partners

This program can be customized to meet your organization’s interests and needs by focusing on such areas as:

Customer service
Performance and productivity

Program Format
Horse Sense for Leaders relies on the learning available from a contemporary approach to building a relationship between horse and human – one that emphasizes the development of a willing partnership rather than submission and control. These relationship-building methods have direct implications for the quality and productivity of our relationships in the workplace.  Our horseman, Louis Wood, owner of Mountainview Ranch — — is an exemplary role model of these practices and principles, and powerful insights are there for the discovering.

Participants spend the day at an equestrian center watching Louis Wood work with a horse. We provide workbooks to document observations as Louis develops the relationship critical to his success.  Participants then meet with Annette Portaro to assess and analyze lessons learned and to consider applications to their workplace.

Participants routinely describe this program as the most powerful and meaningful learning opportunity they have ever encountered.  Experience Horse Sense for Leaders for yourself and find out why one corporate vice president recently told us:

“This presentation challenges you to reconsider your assumptions about building productive relationships in the workplace. In this  way, this program is unlike any other I have attended. Thank you.”

Horse Sense for Leaders has been: 

  • Offered by the Federal Executive Institute as well as the Management Development Centers to an array of federal government executives and managers for over 15 years.
  • Included as a signature leadership development program for managers with the Internal Revenue Service from across the country for over 12 years.
  • Delivered to hundreds of public and private sector entities, including the National Fire Academy, Air Wisconsin Airlines Corp, USAID, NOAA, U.S. Army, National Association of Realtors, University of Virginia, National Criminal Justice Command College, Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as numerous city government management teams, college and university management and supervisory cadres, and other intact work groups.
  • Featured in publications as far ranging as the Training and Development Journal and the Washington Post.

Contact us to inquire about availability and to receive a detailed Fact Sheet including goals and objectives, program formats and testimonials as well as rates and other cost considerations:

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